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District 7 Modern + Mid-Century Modern Homes

If you are looking for architectural variety, a drive through San Francisco’s District 7 will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. Traditional Queen Anne, Victorian, and Italianate mansions stand side-by-side with sleek mid-century and contemporary single-family homes. As might be expected, the work of several generations of prominent San Francisco architects including William Wurster, Joseph Esherick, Julia Morgan, Gardner Dailey, Albert Farr, and William Polk is represented in San Francisco’s North District.

Although many homes in District 7 are elegantly traditional, some of San Francisco’s most definitive examples of modern residential architecture can be found in the North District, particularly in Pacific Heights and the Marina where architect Richard Neutra designed a stunning modern home with floor-to-ceiling steel-framed windows, and where Gardner Dailey and John Ekin Dinwiddie each have examples of the sleek, technically precise International Style. In the 1930s the Streamline Moderne movement also made its way into the architectural lexicon of District 7 and includes a duplex on Pacific Avenue, the Howard House on Jackson Street, and a home on Green Street that was designed by William Wurster.

As one of the most desirable residential areas in San Francisco, the North District has real estate to please every sense of discrimination. Fancy mansions, luxury condos, elegant turn-of-the-century homes, and quaint cottages all share the territory. Victorian excess, classic Edwardian dignity, and bold modern statement can often be found on the same block – sometimes even in the same house!

Contact San Francisco Modern Real Estate for assistance locating that perfect modernist home in Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow, Presidio Heights, or the Marina. 

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