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District 3 Modern + Mid-Century Modern Homes

San Francisco's District 3 is on the city's southwestern edge, and is bordered on the north and west by parks, water, and golf courses, which provide a variety of recreational choices. Exciting architecture in the area might not be quite as easy to find as leisure and sporting activities, but a careful look will find pockets of lovely, architecturally interesting homes throughout the district.

Much of the architecture you'll find in District 3 is similar to what you would find in the Sunset District - 2 bedrooms and 1 bath upstairs, with a one-car garage below. There are, however, some modern homes in the mix, as well as renovations.

If you are a mid-century modern enthusiast, your best bet might be to begin your house-hunting in Lake Shore. Most of the homes in this neighborhood were built during the 1940s and '50s. The well-maintained, single-family detached homes give Lake Shore the suburban feel that became so popular in the 1950s. Another good bet is Pine Lake Park.  While some of the homes in this neighborhood are two-story and more typically "San Francisco", there are also a few mid-century ranch-style homes built by real estate developers Arthur Herzig and Carl Geller.

Lakeside and Merced Manor are other District 3 neighborhoods that merit some attention from modern architecture devotees. Built primarily in the 1930s, these small, quiet neighborhoods were developed by William Nelson (son of prolific San Francisco developer Fernando Nelson) and the Stoneson Brothers who, incidentally, each owned a small mansion in Lakeside. These communities are charming, well kept, and maintain a somewhat modern aesthetic with a suburban feel.

In your search for your mid-century modern prize, don't overlook San Francisco's Southwest District. At first glance many of the homes may seem uninspired, but a more careful look will find charming homes that were thoughtfully designed and have been well maintained.

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