Zillow Forecast 2016 Bay Area: Oakland Wins


Matt and I are frequently raving about Oakland and its neighborhoods and what they offer.   Zillow has just released a forecast for the hottest neighborhoods in the Bay Area and guess what?  They’re all in Oakland.

Interestingly, almost all of the hottest neighborhoods are in East Oakland.  When we get phone calls from prospective clients considering Oakland, almost everyone starts with the popular areas of Temescal, Rockridge, and Jack London. However, there are many more neighborhoods on the cusp of a transformation and Zillow’s forecast supports what we’ve been telling clients.

If value and upside are important considerations, there are definitely neighborhoods where you can get space and character if you’re priced out of the more well-known neighborhoods.

Curious about Oakland and want to learn more or explore?  Let’s meet for coffee or cocktails to discuss the competitive market and how we can help you win. 510-846-5530 or mattandpeter@eastbaymodern.com. Check out this article on San Francisco Business Times, too.

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