Winter Lawn Prep: 4 easy tips

Winter Lawn Prep: 4 easy tips


Did you know that doing a few things at the beginning of winter can give great results for your lawn next spring? Your lawn will continue to grow roots even during the dormant season so take a little time now to reap future benefits.

1.       Utilize a mower deck system that mulches leaves and blows them back onto the lawn.

2.       Aerate the lawn especially if it has received heavy traffic and has become compacted.

3.       Utilize a vertical cutting machine for dethatching scores about ¼" to ½" and then reseed.

4.       Don't forget to fertilize and water after aerating or dethatching.  This allows nutrients to reach the root system.


Lawns add to beautiful curb appeal and wonderful usability to a property but they also require water (a precious resource) and maintenance, therefore many homeowners are opting to ditch the lawn and install drought tolerant landscaping or food producing vegetable gardens.  If you choose to keep your lawn, then keep it healthy and lush.

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