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Why Residents of Marin County Love Living Here

When deciding to move to Marin County from New York City a few years ago, my husband and I knew we wanted to live in a place that was beautiful and temperate all year round. Frankly, we were tired of the cold winters and knowing our family would be growing we wanted to be somewhere very kid friendly. A few years later, we are settled into San Rafael and couldn't imagine our lives anywhere else. The ease of life whether it's going to the park in the middle of winter, being close to shopping or going out to a great dinner; it's all within our reach.

I joined a Mothers Club in Marin when my daughter was born and was fortunate to meet many families who live in Marin for similar reasons. As a Realtor, I felt it was important to blog why residents of different towns love where they live. Here's what they had to say:

"We love the Kent Woodlands. The Redwoods are old and beautiful. We have great weather, sunny but never too hot. Kentfield has the best public schools and solid family community. We love the gardening and landscaping throughout the area. We are very close to hiking trails, and we feel like we're tucked away but it's very convenient to everything. The people are very friendly and down to earth." - Nicole, Kentfield

"We love living in Fairfax! If you are looking for a low key, not pretentious place to live in Marin and raise a family, this is the town for you. The home of killer mountain biking, a small town vibe that has the best natural food store (The Good Earth), a shaded playground (Peri Park), delicious restaurants (Sorella, 123 Bolinas, Fradelizios...), public schools you can actually send your kids to, a movie theater and so much more!" - Wendy, Fairfax

"We love Marin in general. There are fantastic schools, established neighborhoods, the central location and its conveniences, etc. But while I was walking with my son from our house into downtown San Anselmo, I was able to sum up my love for San Anselmo by noting the fact that I'm literally unable to walk anywhere in this town without crossing the path of a friend. This community is so warm, inviting, supportive and eager for connection that, in no time at all, you realize that your neighbors have become your friends, and your friends become like family. THAT'S what keeps me in San Anselmo. The weather, the schools, the location, the natural beauty, ALL of these things are wonderful in of themselves, but when combined, they allow for people to connect with each other, and in so doing, places like San Anselmo come to epitomize true community." - Stephanie, San Anselmo - co-owner of Ross Valley Cross Fit

"Who would have thought that we could live 20 minutes from wine country, 15 minutes from great hiking, 5 minutes from bike trails, 3 hours from world-renowned skiing and so close to many other attractions? As an active Marinite, San Rafael is the perfect place for my family. In the summer when other parts of SF/Marin are cold and foggy, San Rafael is warm and sunny. We literally have 7 months of sunny days in a row. We live in Terra Linda because of the great schools and neighborhood feel of the area. We're also 20 minutes from San Francisco, which makes for a very easy commute." - Jonathan, San Rafael 

As I to connect with residents throughout other Marin neighborhoods, I'll continue to blog about their experiences. Stay tuned!

Whether you are relocating, moving to the suburbs from San Francisco, or just want local information, I welcome the opportunity to help you in Marin County.

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