When is the best time to Sell or Buy a home in Marin?

Part II - Real Estate 2015

Get ready for  Part #2 of the Real Estate Saga of 2015.  The curtain rises right after Labor Day. We see the same pattern every year.  Although real estate is changing hands all year round, there is always an increase in number of listings and closings between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.  So for all of you who are waiting for an increase in inventory, stay tuned. There are better times ahead!

One would assume that it would be prime time to sell/buy in the summer since kids are out of school, the weather is great (= gardens show beautifully), people are off work and thus have more time... but no. It seems like the drop in activity has to do with peoples' vacation schedules. Everyone needs time OFF.

People always ask me: "When is the best time to sell"?  My answer would be spring and fall. Anytime early spring until mid July is great and that is what I would refer to as "part I". Usually homes sell for higher $/sqf during this time since the competition  is higher (=multiple offer situations). Same goes for "part II", a lot of fresh buyers enter the market in the late summer and of course all the buyers who lost out on luck in the spring reenters the market now.

If you are ready for action, just give me a call and I'll help you sell successfully this fall, or make sure you find your dream home so you can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner there in a few months!

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