Did you have a Realtor do an incredible job for you this year?Perhaps they helped you to prevail in a multiple offer situation, winning you the home of your dreams?Or maybe they got top dollar for your home bringing in their team of painters, landscapers, junk removal services, stager, etc., making the place look like an extra quarter million bucks?Or maybe your Realtor spent countless hours with you in the car, driving you all over creation as you tried to get a grip on the new area you are considering relocating to…?Maybe your Realtor advised you not to buy a property you were excited about because it wouldn’t be a sound investment in the long run.Or perhaps they hooked you up with a great Mortgage Broker who helped you to refinance and save several hundred dollars a month.Or did they refer you to a knowledgeable accountant who helped you review your portfolio, giving you the confidence to buy that little cash cow investment property???

There are so many ways your Realtor may have provided you with meaningful services this year, or in years past.What kind of gift do you give someone who has literally helped put a roof over your head and, hopefully, been a partner on your road to financial security?

Here are three ideas that are sure to please your Realtor:

1)Write a testimonial!These days the internet is figuring very prominently into a buyer’s quest for a real estate investment.Excellent reviews online are extremely meaningful to Realtors.Write them a glowing review on; or ask them if there is another site, perhaps company specific, where they would like you to write a review.OR, you can simply write something on paper, the old-fashioned way if you don’t like using a computer.Your testimonial will make your Realtor very, very happy!

2)Say “thank you”.Realtors knock themselves out for their clients and often give their client some kind of gift at the end of the transaction.Too RARE is the client who acknowledges the Realtor for their very stressful efforts leading to the close.A great gift would be to pick up the phone and call your Realtor.Say, “I just want to thank you for all of the hard work you put in on my behalf this year.It meant a lot to me.”This simple gesture might actually bring your Realtor to tears, due to the sheer rarity of the act in this “it’s all about me” world.

3)Refer them.This is the greatest gift of all.Realtors have to work very hard to earn the trust of a potential buyer or seller.We don’t get paid a nickel until we have closed a deal, and for every deal we close there are probably another 40 hours spent talking to folks, be it on the phone, at networking events, at the playground at school, serving on various boards and committees, etc., hoping to make a connection that will lead to business. When you refer a friend, family member or associate to your Realtor, you are paying the very highest compliment saying, “I like the way you took care of me.I want this other person that I care about to have the same positive experience, which is why I told them about you.I want to see you succeed.”If you want to make your Realtor very happy, and truly show them how much you appreciate them, refer them.Even if the referral doesn’t work out, mention to your Realtor that you referred them.Your Realtor will be grateful for the sentiment.

So you see, it doesn’t cost a lot to give your Realtor a fabulous gift.Just remember that they need love and appreciation like every other human on the planet.Give your Realtor the gift of consideration and you feel like a real Santa Claus yourself!

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