Top Criteria for Marin County Buyers


Besides the actual house itself, what are the things a typical buyer in Marin desire? A friend of mine asked me this question and I thought about it for a while and then said: Usually it is defined by the age and lifestyle of a buyer.

But in general the following are the requests I hear most frequently:

  • Nice neighborhood
  • Good schools
  • Easy commute
  • Walking distance to amenities
  • Views

Younger buyers are of course more focused on schools and usually also on space, meaning sqf... and the usable outdoor areas for entertainment and for kids to play are often top ranked here.

Midlife buyers seem to focus more on the floor plan and actual flow and has usually more specific demands to fulfill. They are often more experienced and know what they like and don't like, having learned from living in various homes before. Walking distance to coffee shops and amenities are typically high on the list too.

Then we have the buyers that are set on VIEWS. That is usually no problem as long as they are willing to compromise on the walking distance to places, a user friendly lot etc... Those properties that "have it all" demands a superior value of course.

Many view homes come with quite challenging roads and driveways and it seems that 50% of buyers chose not to deal with these, versus another 50% happily drive 5 min on a narrow curvy road to get that extra peacefulness and enjoyment.

I have not done any real study or analysis of this, I just shared with you what I shared with my friend who asked. Good thing we are all different and value different things in homes!

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