Taste - A New Fairfax Hang Out

Yesterday, with a bit of time to kill in downtown Fairfax, I wandered into Taste, a new bakery/small bowl place located in the old Fat Angel location near Scoop.
I ordered the Popeye which is a small bowl with black beans, fresh quacamole, steamed greens and a poached egg on top. It set me back about six bucks and change with a tip*
My meal was good and "clean"- High quality ingredients- I think organic, too.
The atmosphere has changed since Proprietress Rochelle, took over- more zinc, cosy booth like arrangements and some high tables for computer types. (I did not get out my computer so I don't know if they had wi-fi but did see a guy working away. ) The place was packed with mostly Mom's and Yoga teachers mid day.
I loved the food, the atmosphere and the pricing.
As I was leaving, I tried a gluten free almond cookie and took one to go. Then, on impulse bought a fresh loaf of buttermilk bread for the kids who have been clamoring to make french toast. Bread was a big hit later that day and the gluten free cookie was delish.
I am definitely going back and probably will use this place as a rendezvous point for my friends and clients in the future.
Rochelle said that while they are not serving dinner right now, they will probably have something in the future - it sounded like perhaps Call in--Take out Nights and perhaps menu fixe nights.
There is definitely a communtiy vibe here. She got it right and Fairfax got her message right away as the place was packed.
Congratulations to Rochelle and her family!

*Word to the wise- When you order at the counter, you pay on a gizmo that let's you check a pre-selected tip based on % of total sale -  since "for here" food is partial counter servce/ partial table service (they give you a number to put on your table after you order at the counter), the tip was probably closer to 10% - However, I chose 15% bc that is drilled into my brain. To select 10%, you need to go to a slightly different screen and write in your tip - the tip screen is only set up with check boxes for 15%, 20%, and 25%. I give 20% for full table service but not for counter service with food delivery.
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