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Which would you choose - Marin, CA or San Francisco, CA?


I recently answered a forum question about moving to San Francisco, CA vs. Marin, CA and what would be best for this family. What I know is the dad is in sales, based out of Petaluma with a territory that heads south toward San Francisco.  What I garnered from his posted question was they wanted the urban life of San Francisco, "think tattoos, Buffalo exchange and single pour coffeehouses" his words, "with the ease of family friendly walkable neighborhoods and excellent public schools".

Does this place exist in San Francisco or Marin? If it does, I want to be the mayor. When I think tattoos and single pour coffeehouses, my mind goes straight to Sacramento. Not an option for them.

After a few back and forth exchanges, me trying to paint a picture of the difference in lifestyles of SF vs. Marin, I came to the conclusion that what may best suit their style is Petaluma.

More diversity than Marin, more house for the $$'s than Marin or SF, definitely single pour coffee houses and a "Tattoo,...