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Spending Time In Tiburon

If you are planning a visit to Marin or already live in Marin, make sure to check out the historic town of Tiburon with its colorful shops and stellar water views from Main Street. Try to hit the town on a Friday night when they close the Main street and the local restaurants set up tables up and down the brick road. During the day, I love to go to Sam's Anchor Cafe, have a fish burger and sit out overlooking the water. It is one of the only restaurants in the San Francisco Bay with a public dock for pleasure boats.

If you are up for some exercise, try a lengthy walk behind the San Francisco Yacht Club by going up one of the many the pedestrian lanes that run up and down Belevedere Island. Start on Beach Road and look for a steep set of stairs near 155 Beach Road. Once you get on one set of stairs, you can find more along each level street that you climb to. Follow the lanes to the very top for magnificient views of the Golden gate Bridge. Along the way, enjoy the architecture from many time periods including a few homes that were built by Railroad and Shipping barons in the late 19th century. If you are wondering why we call it Belevedere island, it was once truly cut off from the main Peninsula by marshlands. They were drained over 75 years ago. Shortly after that,  the Belvedere Lagoon neighborhood was developed on the site of the old mudflats. My grandfather bought a choice lot on Maybridge in the late 1950's. I grew up spending week-ends at my grandparents learning to sail, picking apricots off their trees and frolicking on the lagoon with their two dogs, Fluffy and Spot.  From Beach Road head the other direction and walk towards Ark Row. You wil find shops occupying old houseboats that have long since been marooned. 

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