Secret Tips -What You Can Do With Your Kids When It Rains in San Francisco!

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." 

-      Mark Twain

San Francisco weather can confuse lots of visitors or even residents sometimes esp. in summer as the weather keeps changing from sunny to windy to cloudy depending on where the vicious wind and thick fog moves. Therefore if you're planning a visit to SF or even a summer play day with your kids, make sure to include at least one indoor place in your plan so your day won't be completely ruined by this tricky weather.

Here are my favorite SF kids-friendly indoor spots!

1.    Academy of Science 


I will be honest with you. At first, the name scared me a little as the name has the word "science" in it. I was not sure it was made for a young kid. But to my surprise, it turns out to be basically a giant natural playground with an amazing kid-friendly aquarium and a tropical rainforest. This place works so well to entertain a toddler with short attention span since you can switch back and forth with all different exhibitions including aquarium, butterfly habitats, playroom, African Hall with alive penguins, outdoor cafes etc. It's located inside the Golden Gate Park, so with or without rain, I highly recommend you bringing your children to this one of a kind, never-boring place.

 *Please click to see active listings in this neighborhood: Inner Sunset

2.    Peekaboo Factory(Indoor Playground) 

This indoor playground is a goldsend to lucky parents who have super energetic children. This is also the only indoor playground that allows walk-ins at any time and offers free WiFi with tables and chairs for parents where you can catch up with your work! Hummm, I guess now you know where I am writing this very blog then;)

*Please click to see active listings in this neighborhood: West Portal

 3.    Ferry Building & SF Railway Museum 

Let's head north for lunch now! Ferry Building Marketplace is a perfect lunch spot as the whole building is one open space so you can easily walk around with your kids or in a stroller. There are many great restaurants, high-end food stands and specialty shops that will not only entertain the little ones but also offer wide selection of lunch options for your family.

Once the lunch is over, cross The Embarcadero Blvd to visit SF Railway Museum. The museum features a full-sized exact replica of the motorman's platform of a 1911 San Francisco streetcar, where kids of all ages can experience what it was like to be at the controls.

*Please click to see active listings in this neighborhood: North Waterfront

4.    Randall Museum

If you were planning to go to the zoo but had to cancel the plan due to rain or cold windy weather, Randall Museum is a perfect alternative to it. The museum has pet animals like roosters, rabbits and some other small animals and birds. It has a tree house playroom as well as a train room which has an urban train tracks with models of San Francisco landmark Buildings. This is truly a heaven for little train lovers.

*Please click to see active listings in this neighborhood: Corona Heights


I will be happy to assist anyone who is looking for a home in a family-oriented neighborhood in SF, as I fully understand the challenges of raising a family in the city. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions about San Francisco real estate market!


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