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SAN RAFAEL ROCKS! 31st Best City in the US…

According to, San Rafael is the 31st most livable small to mid-sized city in the United States as of 2015.

My business name is “Love Living in Marin”,, because I truly do love living in Marin.I have within me a compulsion to constantly seek out better opportunities.It is for this reason that I have traveled to 49 of the 50 states (I’m not planning to go to Nebraska because it feels more fun to skip one).My curiosity always drives me to peek around the next corner, to make sure that I am living my best life.After all, we only get one that we know of!!

My family recently did a driving tour of the Pacific Northwest, an area that I find to be exceptionally beautiful.But there’s always something…It’s the rain, or the snow, or the ATV’s, or the recently refreshed fear of the Cascadia fault line ripping open described in dreadful detail in this New York Times article dated July 20, 2015: Cascadia makes the San Andrea look like a Disney thrill ride!

For these reasons and many more, I find Marin County to be the best place to live.We have a mild climate, a vast percentage of dedicated open space to pursue hiking, biking, bird watching, etc.We are surrounded by water so there are breath-taking views to be enjoyed at almost every turn, plus sailing, fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding and whale watching…so much to do! We’re next door to one of the greatest and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and we have easy drives to Tahoe, Yosemite, Monterrey, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma and more…Really, what more could you ask for?Oh yes, there is the amazing produce and undeniable selection of fantastic restaurants.It’s practically perfect.

But back to this matter of San Rafael’s livability.San Rafael is awesome. It is the centrally located Goldilocks of Marin.Not too cold, not too hot; not too pricey, nor the least expensive; not too haughty, but smart enough not to need airs to define itself. San Rafael is the town for people who don’t care what others think.They know it’s good and don’t need anyone to tell them so.The city is named after the Archangel Rafael, the angel of healing.The area was chosen as a site for a mission because of the idyllic weather, a “Mediterranean Climate”.Wealthy San Franciscan’s built their summer homes in San Rafael. The nurseries in Marin are largely in San Rafael.We have fantastic Farmer’s Markets. San Rafael is the only city in San Rafael to be recognized as a “Tree City”, dedicated to planting and sustainable practices.There is a charming downtown with live music and great restaurants, plus all of the other commerce anyone could need to run a contemporary life.

The bottom line is, San Rafael deserves to be recognized as a great place to live in a county full of wonderful, wonderful towns.There are more good things to be said than I’ll take the time for in this blog.If you are thinking about moving to Marin, give San Rafael some serious consideration.If you’d like to know more about San Rafael, feel free to call or write me.But who am I? says we’re among the very best!!

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