San Marin Mid-Year Update

The northern end of Marin, specifically San Marin is the most affordable neighborhood for buyers still eager to live in Marin.  As home values continue to rise, it is still possible to find a lovely home under the 1 million dollar mark.  Take a peek at the home sales from January through the end of July.  Your dollar goes the furthest in San Marin of any other city in Marin...and that may not be for much longer with all the exciting developments in the works which will make Novato the hot spot to live - ideally located between San Francisco, the gorgeous wine country and also the coastal region with sleepy towns like Point Reyes and Marshall close by.  You are literally a 20-60 minute car ride to any of these beautiful places.  How lucky am I to live here, where the weather is the best, the people are down to earth and every convenience is available at my fingertips.  I tell you...if you are still looking to buy, get in while you can - Novato is the next best place to live!  Well, at least in my opinion!


216 San Andreas Dr 3bd/2.5ba 1326 sqft $440,000

407 San Marin Dr 2bd/1ba 1086 sqft $500,000

33 Wintergreen Ct 3bd/2.5ba 1548 sqft  $515,000

2053 Carolyn Way 3bd/2ba 1552 sqft $519,750

400 San Marin Dr 3bd/2ba 1306 sqft $549,000

21 Wintergreen Ct 3bd/2.5ba 1612 sqft $580,000

27 Lambert Way 3bd/2ba 1152 sqft $615,000

11 San Benito Way 3bd/2ba 1219 sqft $650,000

110 San Marin Dr 4bd/2ba 1971 sqft $670,001

2053 Carolyn Way 3bd/2ba 1971 sqft $690,000

180 San Marin Dr 4bd/2ba 1971 sqft $695,000

37 San Miguel Way 3bd/2ba 1482 sqft $720,000

6 Coronado Ct 4bd/2ba 1954 sqft $720,000

4 San Felipe Way 4bd/2ba 1817 sqft $727,000

29 Spinosa Way 3bd/2.5ba 2138 sqft $729,000

48 Lambert Way 4bd/2.5ba 2016 sqft $740,000

468 Estado Way 4bd/3ba 2152 sqft $750,000

1971 Marion Ave 3bd/2.5ba 1727 sqft $760,000

2044 Feliz Dr 3bd/2ba 1616 sqft $770,000

49 San Luis Ct 4bd/2.5ba 2191 sqft $781,000

195 San Carlos Way 4bd/3ba 2168 sqft $795,000

9 Romero Ct 3bd/2.5ba 1848 sqft $800,000

15 Elena Ct 4bd/3ba 2204 sqft $830,000

1885 Marion Ave 4bd/3.5ba 2351 sqft $850,000

296 San Felipe Way 4bd/2ba 1804 sqft $865,000

31 Andreas Cir 4bd/3ba 2559 sqft $875,000

33 Sotelo Way 3bd/2ba 1564 sqft $876,000

32 Coronado Ct 3bd/3ba 2346 sqft $995,000

If you are looking to buy or sell in San Marin, call me at 415-471-6205.  I live in the neighborhood and I am a local specialist with over a decade of experience and proven results selling Marin.  Go to for a quick and compimentary market analysis. I would be delighted to help you sell for top dollar or purchase in the area.  List with me and the home staging is FREE!


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