One of the best places to live on earth - Marin County, CA.

One of the nicest places to live on earth - Marin County, CA.

What makes Marin County, CA so attractive to call home? People from all over the US, and from all corners of the world, move to Marin County, CA. As a consequence Marin boosts some of the highest real estate prices in the world. Still, that doesn't seem to scare anyone away.  So what really is it that makes Marin so special?

Let's start with the people. The fact that Marin is as attractive for lawyers, hippies, doctors, writers, landscapers, priests, geologists, contractors, musicians - tells it all. This makes for a very interesting cultural. Since the lifestyle here is very unpretentious and casual, you will actually run into all kinds of people when you are out and about.

Let's continue with the weather. Marin County has a very rare micro climate which can only be found in less than 10 places on earth! This means that within a 10 min drive, the temperature can change from fog to sunshine and from 63 degrees to 83 degrees!  But the weather is never really "bad". We have a Mediterranean climate. On average, there are 260 sunny days per year in Marin County. The July high is around 81 degrees. The January low is 40.  And as mentioned, if you want to cool off in the summer, just drive a few miles and you'll get what you are looking for!  Thereby it is important to pick the right town in Marin from a weather standpoint before you start your real estate search.

Reason # 3 I'd say is Marin County's natural beauty. The lingering smell of fresh Eucalyptus trees are never far away, the crashing waves from the Pacific Ocean are also conveniently close. Wildlife is abundant both inland and on the coast. Mount Tamalpais rises majestically from the very heart of Marin with an elevation of 2,571 foot. The breathtaking panorama from its peak includes the Farallon Islands 25 miles out to sea, the Marin County hills, San Francisco Bay, the East Bay, and Mount Diablo. Mt Tam is also the birthplace of mountain biking. The countless number of biking and hiking trails feature world-class standard and views. The redwood forests tower tall over everything. These serene and magnificent trees are like nothing else on earth.  

The rich cultural life is another reason that sets Marin apart. World famous writers, musicians, chefs, and artists have all put their special touch on the cultural scene. They act, paint, sing and cook for us every day of the year!  Add to that countless flower-, fresh produce-, food-, and mustard festivals!!! Not to forget that Napa and Sonoma Valley are 30 min away and offer gourmet food and wine experiences that often beat France!:-)

To top it off, one of the most famous cities in the world is a stone's throw away: San Francisco. With all its fame and glory it is basking under the sun, or under the fog, as you cross the Golden Gate bridge from Marin and head south. What can I say? I bet you have already visited San Francisco when you read this. If not, my advise is that you HURRY!! 

Bottom line, the truth is that Marin County is spectacular and unique in so many ways. I have lived in many countries, visited over 45 countries and been to all  continents. Yet, I had never experienced a place that offers all of these essential things combined in one place. When arriving in Marin I immediately felt "this is too good to be true". So I stayed. That was 18 years ago and I have no plans to leave!

If you are considering a move to this "one-of-a- kind place", please give me a call today and I'll make sure to find the cottage, mansion, estate, or lot that is just the right one for you. Email me: or call my cell (415)244-4414.

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