Oakland Envy & Why It's Hot


Matt and I receive daily inquiries from people living in San Francisco who are starting to consider purchasing across the Bay in Oakland.  Some potential buyers have a mix of curiosity and nervousness when considering Oakland and they count on us to share our candid feedback about their needs, circumstances, and the types of properties that fit their wish lists. Matt and I live in and love Oakland so we're always sharing about our experiences.

Something for Everyone in Oakland 

Recently, Dwell just featured 5 Modern Homes in Oakland on their blog. We loved the slideshow and showcase of eco-friendly materials, the charm of the updated Victorian, and the aesthetic of the modern homes.

Find the Right Neighborhood

For the historians among us, consider joining one of the walking tours through Oakland and learn some juicy details of Oakland’s past and future.  Matt just posted about the next two tours hosted by the Oakland Heritage Alliance here

Alternatively, we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your dream scenarios, concerns, and details of your purchase or sale.  Then, we can set out to explore neighborhoods that you could call home.

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