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Mortgage Matters Critical Piece of Real Estate Purchase Puzzle

Successful real estate agents are like airline pilots or orchestra conductors. We're ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the transaction--- but we don't do it by ourselves. We rely on a network of other professionals: escrow officers; inspectors; contractors; transaction coordinators, and many others. We coordinate their efforts, but we cannot achieve success without them. One of the most critical pieces in assembling the picture-puzzle that will be the buyer's new home is the Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer, who can literally make or break the transaction. The best lending professionals conduct a thorough review of the buyer's qualifications and assets prior to issuing a pre-approval letter. They don't just take a snapshot, give it a once-over, and then wait until the contract is signed. They give the buyer and the agent a realistic timeline and then work really hard to stick to it. From the appraisal to the closing, they are on top of every detail every day. They solve all kinds of problems you'll never even hear about, and most often they close on time. When we recommend a loan professional it is usually because our clients have had success with them in the past. We never receive commissions or referral fees from lenders. We just want to provide you with a successful and drama-free transaction. And this goes for all our recommendations. Ask us about our referrals; we'll be happy to tell you about the success stories. We'll work hard to earn your trust.

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