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San Francisco Rent Control and Tenants' Rights - Know Them!

So you want to buy a multi-unit investment property in the City. You find the perfect property in a great neighborhood that needs some renovations, thinking to yourself, great I'll just kick out the tenants for a little while, remodel all the units and spike up the price of rent so I can cash flow on my investment. While that would all be great for a potential buyer you must know all the laws or you may be looking at a big lawsuit. In San Francisco an owner of a building must be up to date on all the rules of rent control along with tenants' rights, and trust me, there are a lot and you may be violating one without even knowing.

Not all buildings in San Francisco are protected under rent control. For these building it means you can raise the rent any amount at any time with proper 30 day notice. These exceptions are if you are living in: