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Case Study: Eichler Landscaping - the Atrium & Courtyard

This is a continuation of a previous blog, where I wrote about landscape ideas for an Eichler home in Marin. Last time, we focused on the front. And now, on to the courtyard!
One the most important exterior parts of many mid-century modern house is the courtyard space. Not every home has a courtyard, of course, and some have atriums, which is generally an indoor space.

Wiki had this to say about courtyards:
"Courtyards—private open spaces surrounded by walls or buildings — have been in use in residential architecture for almost as long as people have lived in constructed dwellings.

The central uncovered area in...

A Buyer's Market in Marin Real Estate

There’s still a buyer’s market in Marin County as reported in the Marin Independent Journal. The supply of properties has doubled since January, and condos are more difficult to buy due to lender guidelines (down 20% year over year). Plus, there are fewer qualified buyers at every price point. However, homes that are free and clear are in high demand because the transaction can be closed in 30 days, as opposed to more than a year for some distressed properties.

Remember, real estate is very localized. Towns with more low-priced homes have more properties in contract than towns, or even neighborhoods, with a greater concentration of high-end homes ($2 million or more).  It's been a stronger buyer's market in towns...

No Cost Loans Versus Paying No Points

15 Arcangel Wy, San Rafael - Remodeled Eichler Listing Coming This Week!


I have an exceptional Eichler listing will be hitting the market later this week with the first public open house scheduled for this Sunday (August 8) from 1-4pm.

Located at 15 Arcangel Way in San Rafael, this amazing Eichler home has had over $190,000 in upgrades and it shows! If you are looking for a move-in ready Eichler in Marin you should run - not walk - to the first open house this Sunday.

Property features include:

  • 4 Bedrooms / 2 Bathroom atrium model Eichler (1,814 sq ft)
  • Newer foam roof with high-end UNICO heating & Air Conditioning System
  • Remodeled modern kitchen with gas cooktop
  • Remodeled bathrooms 
  • New oak flooring in living areas...

FHA Rehab Loan for REOs or Properties in Need of Repairs

Buyers targeting “fixer-uppers” or homes selling at the low price range within their area may well benefit from the FHA’s Streamlined(k) Limited Repair Program. A supplement to the Section 203(k) rehabilitation program, the Streamlined(k)is meant to address buyers’ more common needs for repairs not requiring structural work, detailed drawings, or architectural plans. Buyers with as little as 3.5% down payment money are still eligible for the program that allows up to $35,000 to be added to their financing in order to make minor repairs or improvements.

Bargain hunters in today’s housing market typically gravitate toward REOs or poorly presented homes that are by-passed by the majority shoppers. They also generally fall into two camps: those with deep pockets making all-cash bids, and those with more limited resources seeking to get their foot in the door. Although...