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Q & A: Are 3BRs Valued Better Than 2BRs In SF?

Q: Are you seeing value in the larger homes (e.g. greater than 2brs) than 2br condos under $1.5M? We can probably come up with $2.5M with the help of parents, if you think it has better value of owning 3BR+ properties than 2BR under $1.5M.

A: It is obviously a question for a lucky buyer who has a flexible budget, and I honestly cannot answer this question with simple yes or no, as there are many personal moving parts incl. the lifestyle of the buyer, marital/family status etc.

However I thought it is definitely worth comparing the market date of 2BRs with 3BRs to better understand this competitive market with ever-tighter inventory.

Below are the stats of 2BR and 3BR condos sold from June 1 2014 to May 10 2015. I picked 2 most popular neighborhoods as an example: Pacific Heights/Marina/Nob Hill/Russian Hill vs South Beach/Yerba Buena.