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Luxury Home Marketing for the Holidays!

With the holidays upon us and so much to be thankful for, we wanted to acknowledge all of the hard work and contributions of our dedicated Marin Modern & San Francisco Modern Real Estate Agents.

Last year we recognized our tech savvy team by buying each of our agents a Flip Video Camera which enabled them to better connect with clients (especially buyer clients relocating to Marin).   This year we decided to give our agents the gift of education which will further enhance their ability to service their buyer and seller clients.

This year each of our Marin Modern & San Francisco Modern Agents are receiving supplemental luxury home marketing training and education "on the house" thru The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.   This group is the premier independent authority in training and certification for real estate...

Financing for Floating Homes in Marin and the Bay Area

Financing for floating homes is not within my usual bailiwick, however numerous inquiries pushed me to do some research and I thought I'd post some information on this topic for those in need.

Even in past years when home financing was far more liberal, credit for purchasing a floating home was difficult to find. In today's challenged lending environment, non-mainstream loans have largely vanished and I was able to find only one lender offering financing for floating homes in the Bay Area: Financial Benefits Credit Union (FBCU). With just one player in the market, loan offerings are understandably limited and borrowers are likely to find themselves relegated to either a 7-year fixed or a 7-year adjustable loan. Both loans are based on 25-year amortization schedules, but balloon after the initial 7 years. Current rates on the fixed loan are in the neighborhood of 7.25%, starting at 1.25 points in cost.

Here are some of the...

SOLD! 10 Mt McKinley, San Rafael - Eichler Home in Upper Lucas Valley


I'm pleased to announce that my mid-century modern Eichler listing located at 10 Mount McKinley in San Rafael just closed escrow today for $825,000.  This represents my 12th Eichler home sold this year and my 18th home sold in San Rafael for 2010 (making me the #1 agent for both sold Eichler homes in Marin County as well as the #1 agent for closed transactions in San Rafael in 2010).  

I enjoyed working on the sale of 10 Mt McKinley which was a well-maintained, double-A-frame Eichler in Lucas Valley with many of its original details and features still intact.  This property featured 5 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, new...

Eichler Homes Calendar Giveaway - Like us on Facebook!


As you may know, I've previously designed and published an Eichler Homes Calendar which includes fantastic photos of mid-century modern Eichler homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.     This year is no different and I just put the finishing touches on the 2011 Eichler Homes Calendar which features a diverse collection of Eichler Homes in Marin County, California. 

Importantly, this calendar is not for sale but is something I design, print, and mail at my own expense to local Eichler homeowners and personal clients.   While demand always exceeds supply for this calendar, I did want to let you know that I printed some extra calendars this year that Eichler fans can actually...