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Modernism Show + Deco Architectural Tour hits San Francisco

Bay Area Modernists should not miss this weekend's Deco the Halls event which represents the largest Modernism and Art Deco sale in the United States.

This event features over 200 exhibitors that specialize in all things art deco, modern, streamline moderne, art nouveau, vintage western and mid-century modern.     Attendees will have an opportunity to browse and purchase a variety of items including furniture, art, pottery, jewelry, pottery, books vintage clothing and other accessories.   

In addition to the sale event, attendees have an opportunity to participate in a number of other fun-filled events including:
  • San Francisco Art Deco Architectural Walking Tour - The Art Deco Society of California will sponsor a walking tour on Saturday and Sunday.   This tour will showcase more than 40 Art Deco buildings in San Francisco.
  • Vintage Fashion Show...

Atomic Ranch Magazine gives us Props!

I just received this months issue of Atomic Ranch Magazine (Winter 2007) and was excited to see that we were once again recognized by another publication and its readership as a valuable resource for modern and mid-century modern homes.    This mention follows our coverage in last month's issue of Alaska Airlines In-flight Magazine which did a wonderful story on the renaissance of West Coast mid-century modern homes.  

Within the Winter 2007 issue of Atomic Ranch, a reader mentioned that they have looking for design ideas and inspiration for their California mid-century modern home and found the Landscaping a Mid-Century Modern Home page of our Eichler for Sale website to be most helpful.     The magazine editor also acknowledged that one of the Bay Area Eichler homes featured within the remodeling/renovating...

Sustainable Growth in Marin

The Marin Board of Supervisors has, at long last, adopted a much-anticipated blueprint for managed development in unincorporated areas of Marin County.  In an effort to accomplish sustainable growth, the plan calls for preservation of the natural environment, compromise in proposed construction projects, and includes eco-friendly requirements for new development within the county.

Seven years in the making, this plan is not without controversy. While environmentalists applaud the effort, others feel the program is too restrictive and will make it difficult to meet Marin’s housing needs.  The most hotly debated issue was a compromise that reduces a proposed senior community development from an initial plan of 1,100 acres to 30 – 40 acres.  Another area of concern is that by restricting new construction (and new housing) workers will be forced to seek housing in neighboring counties, creating longer commutes – and more pollution.  Large property owners,...

Are you overpaying your Marin property taxes?

A tax benefit that often slips through the cracks when buying a new home is the Homeowner’s Exemption.  The California Constitution provides for a tax exemption of up to $7000 of the assessed value on property that is occupied as the owner’s principal place of residence.  Surprisingly this bit of tax relief often gets lost in the shuffle when buying a new home, resulting in too many Marin County homeowners overpaying their property taxes.

How do I apply for the Homeowner's Exemption in Marin?

It's important to know that the Homeowners’ Exemption is not applied automatically and is not transferred from one property to another.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply for exemption.  Fortunately it isn’t necessary to reapply every year once the exemption has been granted as long as you stay in the same house.  If you move the process begins anew.  To receive full exemption for the year, the application must be filed with the...