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SOLD! 733 Appleberry Dr, San Rafael - Eichler Home

I'm pleased to annouce that my contemporary Eichler listing at 733 Appleberry in San Rafael's Marinwood neighbohrood  just closed escrow today.   

Year-to-date, this represents my 12th Eichler home in Marin either listed or sold, the highest number of any agent throughout Marin County, California.  Addtionally, I have one additional Eichler home currently in contract and another new listing in Marin that should be hitting the market within the next few weeks.

I was able to list, stage, and aggressively market this particular property and we were in contract within 2 weeks.    We had a smooth transaction and close and I...

SOLD! 343 Devon Drive - Eichler Home in Terra Linda

I'm happy to announce that my Eichler listing at 343 Devon Drive in San Rafael was sold in just 1 day.    The transaction closed today and the final sale price was $839,000, a record sales price for the past year in this particular Eichler neighborhood in Marin County.

Year-to-date, I 've listed or sold a total of 11 Eichler homes in Marin County; I also have two additional Eichlers in contract which should close within the next few weeks.

If you are interested in buying or selling an Eichler home, please contact me.    I have an intimate knowledge of the current market for these homes, existing inventory,  as well as "coming soon" and...

Waterfront Home in Larkspur - First Open House this Sunday!

If you're looking for a waterfront home in Marin County, don't miss the first public open house for my listing located at 151 Riviera Circle in Larkspur.  

This contemporary 4 bedroom / 2.5 bathroom waterfront home in Larkspur has been on the market for a number of weeks however the home has not yet been held open to the public on Sunday.     

This weekend (Sunday, October 25th) we will be hosting thefirst public open house from 1-4pm and I wanted to invite prospective buyers to checkout this wonderful and light-filled home situated on the Larkspur Lagoon.

As an additional benefit to prospective buyers of 151 Riviera Circle, we've also just reduced the list price by...

Is It A Sellers Market in Marin?

Is it becoming a sellers market in Marin County?  Looking at the statistics from Sept.08-Sept.09 looks like the supply of homes is -48%!  Sold properties in this time period is -13%, so it is slowing down.  Properties under contract (which means there is an offer on them) is up 68%!  Prices are going up ....  Interest rates are under is the time to buy real estate in Marin County before the market leaves buyers behind!

Is it becoming a seller's market in Marin? Last winter, Nov 08 to Feb 09 appears to show a bottom in our Real Estate Market. From Jan 09 through Sept 09 these are some of the changes in Marin:

1) Number of properties in contract is up 256%!!
2) Properties for sale is up 19%
3) Number of sold properties is up 67%
4) Average days on the market is down 20%
5) Median Sold price is up 22%
6) Months supply at end of month is down 54%


466 Molino, Mill Valley: JUST SOLD!

This adorable house located at 466 Molino Avenue in Mill Valley has found a new family to love it and I was pleased to represent the buyers in this transaction.

For the new owners this property was the perfect match.  After looking for quite some time the owners were delighted to find their first home in the hills of Mill Valley. This cute home offers everything that they needed.  Close to town and an easy commute with great Mill Valley schools covers what many people are looking for in a home. But best of all they got it at a great price, $677,000 after multiple offers from 4 parties!

If you are looking for your first home or a home that will be the perfect match for you, please ...

Buyers: Don't forget the extra costs

In buying a home, the two major components most people focus on are the down payment and the loan amount (monthly mortgage payment). But there are other costs to consider as well; property taxes, insurance and closing costs.

Property Taxes: The next big expense in owning a home, besides maintenance and improvements, is property taxes. Property taxes are approximately 1.25% of the purchase price in Marin - paid twice a year or paid out by an impound account. If you are buying a $800,000 home, your yearly property taxes would be about $10,000 year ($833/month). If you are buying a $1.5M home, your property taxes would be around $18,750 year ($1,500/month).

Home Insurance: Required by lenders, but also should be purchased if you are buying a home with all cash. Home insurance will cover damages to your home with a caveat of some exclusions. It can cost anywhere from $1,000 - $3,000...

SOLD - 1063A Alabama, San Francisco - Mission Condo

I'm pleased to announce the sale of my most recent listing, a charming top floor condominium in San Francisco's Inner Mission neighborhood located at 1053A Alabama Street.

I was able to sell this 2 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom condo listing in just two weeks for above the asking price.  The home closed in 30 days and the final sale price was $550,000.  Additionally, we also had an all cash backup offer.  

Please contact me if I can assist you in selling a home in San Francisco.    I have over 17 years of success selling real estate in San Francisco and would welcome the opportunity to assist you!

David Zylinski...

Just Sold - 2130 Elderberry Ln in San Rafael

I just sold this Eichler home located on a sunny and quiet lot in Lower Lucas Valley / Marinwood.

Originally listed with another agent for almost 1 year who was unable to sell the property, I was able to list, re-stage, aggressively market, and sell this Eichler home for over the asking price before the first public open house.

This was a very fulfilling transaction for me since the sellers were anxious to move on with their lives and move into a retirement community however they couldn't make the transition until their home was sold.    Once they re-listed their home with me, I immediately went to work on staging it with current furnishings, painted several walls, had the home professionally photographed, and then implemented a fresh online and offline marketing...

Just Sold! 2021 Burbank Ave - 23 offers!

As mentioned in a number of our recent Marin Modern blog posts,  we've seen a tremendous increase in demand for homes priced below the $800,000 mark.   At even lower price points (below $500k), demand has far outstripped actual supply and multiple offers have become increasingly more common as investors, first-time home buyers, and price-concious buyers are jumping into the market.

Just today I sold one of my listings which generated 23 offers!   The property was a spacious fixer with wonderful upside potential.    Located at 2021 Burbank Avenue in Santa Rosa, the home was listed at $230,000 and the final sale price was $301,000.   My sellers were elated to receive more than $71,000 over the asking price.

While 23 offers is definetly not the norm, I was pleased to work closely with my sellers to prep the home for sale, market it aggressively, and generate a lot of interest in the home which helped...

Marin Homes under $800,000

$800,000.00 seems to be the magic number in Marin real estate sales right now.  Single family dwellings under $800,000 are coming on the market and going into contract within days – sometimes even hours.  You can blink and the house is already in contract.  It’s crazy! 

Every offer I have made for a client in Marin County under $800,000 is resulting in outrageous competition. People are making offers with all cash, no loan contingency or a really high down payment.  How are they able to do this?   The market is filled with investors looking for great buys in Marin for under 500k.  Then there is the second tier, the first time home buyer. This is one of the best times to get into the Marin market. So, these folks are getting creative – calling up “Mom and Dad” for a loan.    How else would they be able to buy their first home with cash?  These buyers had to get savvy to compete for the home of their...