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Mill Valley, a town with many communities

Mill Valley, the town of many unique neighborhoods.

Mill Valley, Ca is a place that can provide so many unique living opportunities!  I love exploring the different communities within Mill Valley.  These communities provide different types of life style as well as different weather climates.  Below is a description to all the small little communities within Mill Valley.

Strawberry:  Strawberry is located on the East Side of the 101.  There are both smaller size homes that are great options for a first time homebuyer, as well as large homes on the water.  The smaller homes are on safe streets that allow kids to walk to school (strawberry school) and parks.  There are also amazing views from these homes the higher you get on the knoll that rises up from the water.  Strawberry is a point that juts out into the bay and at the tip of the point is a great swim and tennis club that many Strawberry residents enjoy.  The waterfront homes enjoy amazing city views and most have their own docks.   The weather in strawberry can be foggy in the summer, but sometimes it is actually a warm pocket!  Price ranges 900k-5ml

Tam Valley:  This is the community as you exit the Shoreline Exit from the 101.  This community is currently going through some major upgrading and many new businesses have come to the Tam Junction area.  The Tam Junction is the point where you would turn left to head out to Stinson Beach.  Proof Lab, a local surf shop, has really established a community "hang out" spot at Tam Junction.  They not only have a large surf shop, indoor skateboard ramp but they also just added an Equator Coffee shop to their property.  Across the street there are many shops and the vacant grocery store is in the process of being prepared for a Sprouts Grocery.  So this area is Growing!  The homes in Tam Valley range from 1000-1800 square feet.  Most are single story and are filled with families.  This is the place to be on Halloween, great neighborhood feel and kids everywhere!  Price range for homes here is about 600k-900k. 

Little City Farms:  Just beyond Tam Valley is Little City Farms.  This cluster of homes off of Northern Ave.  provides many unique type of homes.  The lots here tend to be larger in size, and for some odd reason, there are days when Mill Valley is socked in with fog and this area will be sunny!!!  There is a great park in the center of the neighborhood that is always filled with kids and neighbors creating a real sense of community.  If you are commuting to the city for work this is great location as it provides easy access to the fwy or you can park at the Manzanita lot and take the GG Bus in.   Price ranges in this neighborhood range from 800-2ml.

Mountain Gate, Ventura, Alturas:   As you continue up Shoreline Highway you will pass by these neighborhoods.  These three areas are fantastic neighborhoods that provide newer construction homes, easy access to the city and great value.  The homes are larger in scale compared to your typical "Mill Valley Cottage".   The neighborhoods are designed in a way that allows for kids to play in the streets and really create that "neighborhood" feel.  The home sizes are large, by Mill  Valley standards.  They range from 1800 sq ft - 3000 sq ft.  and the price range is about 900k-1.9ml.

The Mountain:  Once you pass the above neighborhoods you are really starting to get to the Mount Tam properties.  On the mountain there are many little streets (Ridge, Mt Cimas, Washington Park).   Each of these streets is a little community.  Neighbors tend to look out for each other, get together for events and share in the beauty of living on the mountain!  If you live up on the mountain you really feel as though you are living out in the country but you are only 10-15 minutes from downtown Mill Valley.  Also if you are feeling adventurous you can take the famous Dipsea stairs all the way down to town.  The homes really vary widely up on the mountain.  They can be anything from a funky 1920's cabin to an amazing large Modern Home!  Also with that variety comes a variety of pricing, about 600k - 4ml

Homestead Valley:  The Whole Foods market on Miller is somewhat a center of the Universe of Mill Valley.  Behind that whole foods is the Homestead Valley neighborhood.  With brand new sidewalks homestead provides a walking lifestyle that people who live there love.  The homes are mainly on city size lots and are mid size in scale.   This too is a family neighborhood.  There is a homestead community center, which recently just received an amazing remodel.  There is also a community pool that is quite popular in the summer.  The price range of homes here ranges from 800k-2.5ml.   Great weather in Homestead, one of the Mill Valley "sunny spots".

Sycamore Park:  Sycamore Park is one of Mill Valleys most sought after neighborhoods.  The tree-lined streets, beautiful craftsman homes and the opportunity to walk to town allow for the popularity.  This community is a close knit group of people.  It is often that during the summer one of the streets is closed for a block party.  Kids run from house to house to play, it is really quite idyllic.  The homes here are not on the market for long and the price ranges somewhat high.  They range from 1ml-3ml. 

Golf Course/Country Club:  Off of East Blithedale behind Boyle Park is where the Mill Valley Tennis Club and the Mill Valley Golf course are located.  All around these two venues there is a community of homes.  The homes reach far back into the canyon there.  Some are located under the majesty of the redwoods and others are in the glorious sun!  The homes tend to be larger in size (1800-2400 sq feet).  They are also homes that provide  privacy.  The weather in this area is fantastic, sunny most days.  The price range is about 900-3ml. 

Cascade, Throckmorton Canyons:  These two canyons lead out from downtown Mill Valley.   Eventually the Throckmorton canyon leads up the Middle Ridge of Mt Tam which is yet another community.  The canyons are home to beautiful Redwoods as well as some of the original homes of Mill Valley.  The charm that is in these canyons is amazing.    Many of the homes here have been brought back to life with incredible remodels.  The canyons also provide a walk to town opportunity.   The weather can be cool in the canyons because of the Redwoods.  The price range here is 1ml-5ml.

Scott Valley:  This community is located just off of Camino Alto.  There is a Scott Valley Swim and Tennis club in the center of the community.    The homes here were built from the 70s- 90s.  They are about 2000-4000 square feet.  Scott Valley gets some of the best weather in Mill Valley.    There are sidewalks all throughout this community so kids can ride backs and walk to the pool in the summer.  The location is great for commuting because it is quite close to the 101.  Price range here is 1.5ml-3ml

All in all Mill Valley has something for everyone.  The schools are amazing, the downtown is vibrant and it is just a great place to call home!

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