Marin County first-time homebuyers!

When I started in Real Estate sixteen years ago, my first clients were mostly first time homebuyers.  Working with first-time homebuyers is exciting and very rewarding. Before finally receiving the set of keys to their new home, most buyers have seen too many properties, gone to too many open houses, spent many hours dreaming up designs for their new home, have gone through a gamut of emotions while waiting to have their offer accepted, filled out numerous loan and real estate documents,and so on.
When I finally call them to say that the sale has been recorded with the County and they are now homeowners, it is the most satisfying time for everyone!
When you are ready to embark on this very grown-up journey, find a good Realtor who can direct you  to a reputable and dedicated mortgage broker.  This is very crucial as the mortgage broker will determine if you prequalify for a home loan and exactly what you can afford to buy. You might qualify for more than you thought!  Remember, your Realtor will be your advocate, guide and coach throughout this very exciting adventure. Make sure to enjoy this journey, you will never be first-time homebuyers again!

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