Louie Vaccaro

On Christmas eve 2013, six Ross Valley teens were involved in a serious car accident on Lucas Valley Road. Sixteen year old Louie Vaccaro was seriously injured. He went through an eleven hour operation to repair his second vertebrae. Fortunately, his spinal cord is intact. And apparently, he has some feeling in his legs. However, the doctors have given him a ten % chance of walking again.

Louie is the son of Chris Vaccaro of Vaccaro Tree Service. I have used this company for many years for both my personal home and professional Real Estate related tree services. I have found this company to be reputable and very reasonable. I wanted to blog about Louie because our community is working diligently to raiser $100,000 for Louie's ongoing medical needs. (Though, I suspect the family is going to need much more). There are many ways that you can participate:

1. If you are a Realtor or in the home buying or selling business, consider using Vaccaro's Tree Service.

2. Go to the Louie Vaccaro Fund Page, and donate over the internet. At the time of this writing, over $31,000 has been raised in contributions mostly ranging from $5 to $100. Any size donation will be hugley appreciated.

3. Come out to Fairfax on February 8th and come hear some great music. Almost all the local venues are participating in a multi band benefit night to raise money for Louie and for Dameon Reeder who sustained a fractured spine.  There are sixteen bands participating:scroll down for the list. Click here to find out how to order tickets or email: dz@marketingmachine.net to reserve your tickets. (One $20 ticket gets you into multiple venues.). 

4. Also on February 8th, Start your evening at the Deer Park Villa, dinner, and more music offered for $30 per person, $20 per child. Combine dinner and music in town afterwards for $40 per person. Again, this is also part of the town wide benefit for Louie Vaccaro.

5. If you are a member of the Native Sons of the Golden West (Chris Vaccaro is), ask your chapter how you can help support this family.

List of Some of the Performers February 8th:

Danny Click
Chrome Johnson
Elephant Listening Project
Tom Finch,
The Kortuzday Band
Elliot's Evil Plan
Rusty Evans

Special Appearances by:
Fiver Brown
Ian Lamson
Kelly Peterson & Erik Smyth
Tommy Odetto
Steve Gardner
Jeremy Knudsen
Jim Talley
Dianne Zellers & Larry Newman
Michael Bluestein..and more TBA!

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