Lightning Lending Competes With All-Cash Offers

We know it's tough out there. Inventories are extremely low and the trend is likely to continue as the growing tide of baby boomers settle into fixed incomes and many decide to remain in situ due to low rates and property taxes. And, although the majority of purchases are financed, cash offers rule the land and financed buyers are given short shrift. With this in mind, Pinnacle has launched our Lightning Lending loan program to level the playing field and help get your offer accepted. The lightning Lending program supports the short escrows and ultra-fast removals of loan contingencies that many sellers and listing agent require in California's competitive marketplaces.

Pinnacle's processing and underwriting departments have committed to fast delivery and our appraisal vendors have guaranteed preferred, super-rush service. The program is offered to qualified borrowers who have provided all information required for their cost-free application in order to secure mortgage approval. This permits us to support your offer with:

  • Appraisal and loan contingencies to be lifted within 8 days.
  • Appraisal delivery in as little as 24 hours.
  • Close escrow within 15 to 20 days (depending on loan program).
  • Pinnacle's Offer Advantage guarantee to close on time or Pinnacle pays the seller $100 per diem for any delay resulting through our fault.

Lightning Lending is supported by a wide range of loan programs (some with down payments as low as 3%), including most conforming loans products, FHA loans, and our proprietary Core Jumbo. VA loans take a bit longer since appraisals can only be ordered through the VA's portal. But Pinnacle routinely closes VA loans within 20 days!

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