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Kitty Camp at the Cat's Cradle in San Rafael


Who will take care of Mittens and Socks when you're out of town for the holidays?  Not to be confused with Dogs who  love you and  want to be with you.  Dogs will gladly hop in the backseat and go anywhere you go.  Better yet, most motels and hotels would rather have a dog for a guest than actual people. Cats, on the other hand, are a horse of a different color, so to speak. They don't want to go with you and you don't want to go with them!  That's not to say you don't love your furry friends but they don't take kindly to change and travel.That's why the Cat's Cradle was invented.  Conveniently located in Central San Rafael, the Cat's Cradle, is a kitty camp du jour.  Think, new friends, feline companionship, trees to climb, toys to play with and many nooks and crannies for Mittens and Socks to curl up and go to sleep.  You will never again have to lean on the kindness of you neighbor or worry whether the litter box is getting cleaned daily or if Mittens & Socks in their own perverse way will get even with you for leaving them home alone.

Send your cats to camp and enjoy a carefree Thanksgiving holiday filled with love and gratitiude. Socks and Mittens will love you for it.

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