Is The Good Earth Coming to Tam Juntion or Not?


There is a lone wolf out there trying to shut down the Good Earth Grocery store at Tam Junction. Or is there? What is Dave Coury, of Corte Madera really up to? He filed an administrate challenge 30 minutes before the environmental exemption was due to take effect. What is his motive? At first glance it appears to be about traffic congestion.  But, as a vocal advocate for more affordable housing in Marin, there are questions as to what he really wants.

Mr. Coury stated in the IJ article that he doesn't want to see housing at this site. Perhaps he is using the process to bring attention to SEQUA, the housing element issue? Or perhaps to make a point about how the Planning process works in Marin County? Regardless of his motive, he has managed single handedlyto stall the process of bringing a wonderful local market, dedicated to sustainable business practices, to Tam Junction. Tom Lai, a Marin County Planner, was quoted in the IJ article of March 27th as saying, "I just can't get what it is he wants."

The good News: Tam Junction Community members are not apathetic. They are emailing, writing and calling the County in support of the new Good Earth. Expect a vocal contingent of Good Earth Supporters at the May 11th
Planning Commission meeting.


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