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Great New Designs for Bay Area Kitchens

Today all of us are affected by the socio-economic conditions around us. We also participate and are affected by everything in and of the environment. These two factors have an impact on what we put into our Bay Area homes, what we spend on our homes, and most importantly how we think about our homes.

When it comes to kitchens and baths, not only are they critical in how we function but greatly influence the beauty and value of our Marin homes and San Francisco homes. Think 20 years into the future. What you put in today for a remodel or new construction should not only last at least this long, but stand maintenance-free for that time. Think about the kitchens you have seen that are relatively new – 10 years or less – that look so indulgent with extraneous moldings, out-of-place design elements and chemical laden-cabinets. Many of these kitchens are being replaced now and added to our landfills. ‘Too costly and too wasteful.

To alleviate this problem, consumers (especially owners of modern homes in Marin County, San Francisco lofts, and modern San Francisco homes) should explore the Valcucine line of kitchens.

Valcucine Kitchens - Timeless, Eco-Friendly Design

This particular line of modernist kitchens was designed in 1980 with the owner’s health and the environment as a top priority. To illustrate, the designs which look modern today are nearly 30 years old! The kitchens put into service in the early 80s look brand new and operate nearly like new.

The Valcucine line has a price point for nearly every budget and along with the health benefits of no chemicals, less use of raw materials and the beautiful aesthetics, the acquisition of a Valcucine system will bring great returns.

You can learn more about this unique line of kitchens by visiting the company's website or by contacting Style & Form,  a Bay Area company that carrys (and installs) the Valcucine line of kitchens.

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