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Going Solar in Marin

Kudos to GoSolarMarin and a small idea that blossomed into something big.  GoSolarMarin, the brainchild of San Rafael resident Lisa Max, began as one family’s desire to find an affordable source of solar power and has become a successful grassroots movement bringing a countywide discount for solar power to Marin County. A lot of effort went in to the program, with the final result being that participating Marin residents are able to purchase solar power at $7.94 as opposed to the $9.32 previously available to the general public.

The initial phase of the enterprise is coming to an energy-saving end with more than 100 photovoltaic systems scheduled for installation here in Marin, which translates to an environmental impact of removing over 300 tons of carbon dioxide from our air and a savings of over 30,000 gallons of gas. 

If you are thinking of going solar, now is the time.  State and Federal rebates and incentives probably won’t get any more enticing than they are now. Although the initial set up is somewhat expensive, even after rebates and incentives, paying the loan is somewhat like putting money back in your own pocket (like mortgage payments – in the end you own your home); while paying the electric company is similar to paying rent (your $$ go into someone else’s pocket, with nothing to show in the end).  Some figures, which anticipate rising electrical costs, calculate that a solar setup may well pay for itself in six to eight years.  Even a small system can move a household into a lower PG&E tier, resulting in an annual savings of as much as $1200.  A larger system could eliminate the monthly PG&E tab.  This opportunity to save money and the environment certainly sounds tempting!

For more information on how you can get involved in this community based, energy-conserving effort contact GoSolarMarin.

For all your real estate needs, whether you are selling your eco-friendly green home in Marin or looking for a mid-century home in the Lucas Valley, please contact Marin Modern Real Estate.

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