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Goats in Marin? No need to mow anymore!

As I took my morning walk on Saturday by the beautiful Bay I stopped and did a double take by the large field/wetlands that boarders Home depot to the south and Baypoint Lagoons to the north. The field was covered with goats doing what goats do, eating everything in sight.  I have seen this before on the hills around Marin but this expansive area that is usually covered with pickle weed and assorted brush, is usually left alone in the summer to grow and in the winter to form pools of water as wetlands do during the rainy season.  The herd consisted of at least 300 goats and was being controlled by one man and his adorable Australian shepherd who ran up to greet me. I stood there and watched as the dog ran back to go to work and moved the herd from one side of the field to another. It was amazing. They will be out there for the next two weeks and I encourage anyone who has a chance, to go on over and see for yourselves. For a minute, if you close your eyes, you could be almost anywhere. One of the many things we love about Marin!

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