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Thanks to the Marin Modern Real Estate Team for inviting me to share my experiences and ideas on their Marin real estate blog.

Working as a stager in Marin, San Francisco and the entire Bay Area has been a very exciting challenge. When I started to stage homes here I was amazed at how dramatically diverse the areas are and by the many different styles of homes. It is common for me to be working on two or three projects at the same time. In Marin it could be a Mid Century Eichler or a Spanish style home. In San Francisco it would very likely be a Victorian. And the mix dose not stop there! You will have a Victorian type living in a totally modern house or a hip loft loving couple living in a tiny Moorish style home. It is my job as a stager to sort through this and get the property set to present in to the desired type of buyer. 

Everyone says" Oh, what a dream job" and for me it is. What people don't realize is that most people stay in their homes while it is on the market. This is always very interesting. People like the way they live in their homes and they LOVE their STUFF!!!

I recently worked on a home staging project in Marin where the owners packed up everything but a few pieces that I kept for staging. The result was an open, depersonalized home. Market ready and as clean as could be. When we held the first open house I walked in and OMG the wife had hauled out all her little nick knacks and put them everywhere! I packed them up and every time I went to check on the house she would have put them back out. We never talked about it. I put things away and she put them out. The Dream Jobs are the homes that are vacant and I can redo things and create a new environment. More on those later. 

I have so many stories and maybe some tips to share with you here so keep in touch!!!


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