Floating Homes Current Ins and Outs of Buying One......

Recently I have had the pleasure of helping a buyer with the purchase of a floating home.  Each inspection and visit to the property is like a mini vacation.  Everyone on the docks walking by has a smile on their face and always happy to say Hello and welcome my client to the neighborhood.  It truley amazes me that one can live literally waterfront with views galore in Marin County for a fraction of the cost that it would take for a property on land.  

I must say spending time on the docks does give me a pull on my heart to live the life as well.  Not in the cards for me at this time, but for those of you who have thought about it, I would say Yes!   Of course there are things you need to consider when you are on a floating home.  There is no pulling up to your front door or garage to unload your groceries, maintenance can be a bit more on the floating home and of course be prepared to be lulled to sleep by the slight sway of the swell.  

Going through the process of purchasing a floating home is a bit different that purchasing a house or condo.  There aren't quite as many inspections, really just two, a home inspection also know as a marine inspection and a hull inspection.   Also currently there is only one financial institution that is lending on the floating homes.  This could change in the future, but for now there is just the one and it is a credit union that you must be a local and a member of.

I will say overall the process of buying a floating home is not that complicated, and the outcome of living on the water is lovely.  Take a walk on the docks sometime and check it out! 

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