EASY Tips on Saving WATER!!!


Finally! Easy - and painless - ways to save water. 

It's likely going to be a brown summer in Marin. And this could be just the beginning of a tough drought.

Pretty soon we're all going to feel guilty about taking long showers and accidentally leaving the sprinkler on. But don't fear! Here are a few things you can do that will effortlessly save you hundreds of gallons a month. And maybe more. 

1.    Scrape your dishes instead of rinsing them off before dishwashing. Savings: About 10 gallons a load. That's 1000 gallons a year for many households.

2.    Waiting for hot water in the shower? Catch it in two five-gallon buckets then dump it in the garden. You do the math.

3.    Common sense alert!  Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth and shave. That's saves 2 gallons a minute!

4.    Put in a new dual-flush toilet. Not only will this save you hundreds of gallons a month, you'll save MONEY. And many Water Districts (like Marin's) are currently offering $100. Rebates on qualifying toilets.

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In the meantime, I'll have more tips next month so please tune in. And if you have any to share please write me at pnichols@marinmodern.com.  It's not hard to start conserving water today...just sing shorter songs during your morning shower!

Pam Nichols, Realtor

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