Daylights Savings - Ending November 1st!

NOVEMBER 1ST marks the end of this years daylight savings!


Remember that hour of sleep you lost in the spring...Guess what? You are getting it back on Halloween night! Think of it as a gift of one extra hour to celebrate or if you're not usually awake after midnight you can enjoy it in the morning.

I have never been a fan of the time change. Changing the time? It seems pretty arrogant and useless and seems to just mess with people's rhythms and schedules.

According to this article on the History of Daylight Savings, the origins seem valid.  However, does the practice of changing time have any real benefit? There doesn't seem to be any support or data to say it does. If fact, all the articles I found say it causes more harm then good. Scientific America is definitely against the change and claims the benefit studies don't hold up. Another article from the Washington Post  labels it a scam! Arguments against say it may increase traffic fatalities, it's bad for your heath and effects on the economy are mixed at best. Arguments for say it benefits the economy and saves energy but fail to provide any real or proven data. So why do we still change the time?

I guess for now we can appreciate the extra light in the early morning and cozier evenings at home. I am hoping it might get my lazy tush out of bed earlier and inspire me to go for an occasional walk. Seems embracing it, for now, is the best practice. How will you take advantage of the lighter mornings and darker afternoons?

Enjoy that extra hour of sleep you lost in the Spring and have a Happy and Safe Halloween! 

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