Breakfast in Emeryville

Emeryville is a small city with not too many food choices. Even though the Public Market is coming along nicely, it’s sometimes hard to know where to go for breakfast. I compiled a list of Emeryville (and Oakland) choices. I am sure there are a couple more, like the black bear diner and Denny’s. I am not a fan of big chains and that’s why I stuck with smaller places

  1. Doyle Street Café is a classical American breakfast spot (says the German…). You will find nice standard breakfast fare and delicious specials. I think their home fries are yummy. I like mine extra crispy. Open Mon–Fri 8AM–3PM
  2. Tribu could use a facelift, but the food is good. I get their breakfast burrito or chicken sandwich. Open Mon–Sun 7AM–8PM
  3. Chile Jalapeno Taqueria. Outstanding breakfast burritos! Come here on a sunny day and sit on the patio. You need to bring your own coffee, because it isn’t a breakfast place per se. I love all their food though… Open Mon-Fri 9AM-8P or Sat 9AM-6PM Sun 10AM-4:30PM
  4. Homegrown is a small spot with lots to offer. The owner owns the Oaklandfitco gym and the food he offers at Homegrown is just as healthy as most people who step out of the gym look. You will find a variety of bowls, sandwiches, salads and other nutritious healthy choices. Also try the elixirs and smoothies. Open Mon-Sat 9AM-4PM CLOSED on Sun
  5. Arizmendi’s bakery. Lots of baked yumminess here. It’s a bakery! Good coffee as well. If you don’t know Arizmendi’s, you are missing out on your carbo-load for sure. Open Mon 7AM-3PM Tue-Fri 7AM-7PM Sat 8AM-7PM Sun 8AM-6PM

Let me know if you want to talk Real Estate and I'm happy to meet you and treat you for breakfast at a place of your choice!

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