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Are you overpaying your Marin property taxes?

A tax benefit that often slips through the cracks when buying a new home is the Homeowner’s Exemption.  The California Constitution provides for a tax exemption of up to $7000 of the assessed value on property that is occupied as the owner’s principal place of residence.  Surprisingly this bit of tax relief often gets lost in the shuffle when buying a new home, resulting in too many Marin County homeowners overpaying their property taxes.

How do I apply for the Homeowner's Exemption in Marin?

It's important to know that the Homeowners’ Exemption is not applied automatically and is not transferred from one property to another.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply for exemption.  Fortunately it isn’t necessary to reapply every year once the exemption has been granted as long as you stay in the same house.  If you move the process begins anew.  To receive full exemption for the year, the application must be filed with the Assessor’s Office by February 15. If you bought property this year, and have not yet applied, it isn’t too late to get partial credit.  File before December 10 and you may qualify for partial exemption for this year.
If you aren’t sure whether you already have the exemption, check your most recent property-tax bill.  If no Homeowner’s Exemption (HO) is noted and you think you might be eligible, contact the Homeowner’s Exemption branch of the Assessor’s Office at 415 499-7195.

Marin Assessor’s Office

3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 208
San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: 415 499-7215
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