415 Area Code - The End of an Era!

415 Area Code - The End of an Era!

If your attached to the 415 area code and thinking about changing your number - do it before February 2015 because the 415 is coming to an end! Looks like the 415 will soon max out and a new era will begin - SF and Marin get ready for 628!

415_400 (photo courtesy of SF gate)

Never understood what the big deal was when area codes were changed and added like in Sex and the City when Carrie gets a new number, but I've ALWAYS been a 917 girl."  Now I get it. I have been "A 415 girl" my whole life. I have had the same landline phone number since I moved to SF in the late 80's and have been able to hold onto my original cell number as well.

415, created in 1947, was one of the three original area codes. It covered the area from the coast to Nevada. "But California quickly outgrew that arrangement. In 1959, the state carved two new area codes - 707 and 408 - from 415's territory. The 510 code followed in 1991, 650 in 1997." sf gate

In the big scheme of things It's a small change and for most a non-issue. Seems like the majority of the new numbers will go to teenagers and people relocating to the area that never knew and become attached to the 415!

So...hold onto your phone number if you are, like me, "a 415 girl" (or boy)! 628? Really? That will take some getting use to.

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