2016 Marin Real Estate Market Summary

Marin Infograph - Real Estate 2016

2016 – Best Year Ever…AGAIN

Median prices – UP, Average prices – UP. The Marin real estate market remains as strong as ever.

Outlook for 2017

When is a Good Time to Buy?

The average home price in Marin in 1965 was $30,710. In 2000 it was $722,800, and last year it was nearly $1,200,000. In fact, in the last 51 years there have only been 3 years where the average price decreased. So, the answer is simple as soon as you can.

Reasons to Buy Soon:

1. High Rents
2. Very low interest rates
3. Tax Benefits
4. Appreciation
5. Pride of Ownership

If you are considering buying a home in 2017, be sure to register to attend our Marin Home Buyer Workshop!

When is a Good Time to Sell?

Last year (2016), nearly 1/3 of total year sales occurred in the 2nd quarter of the year. So, if you want to sell in the peak season, get your home ready NOW! Get the latest comparable sales in your area. Get professional advice on how to present and market your home. Have professional inspections to know of those things that need to be fixed and if possible fix them. Contact your tax advisor to determine any tax consequences. And most importantly, hire the best real estate person you can find.

Reasons to Sell Soon:

1. Very Low Inventory
2. Seller’s Market
3. Short Time on Market
4. Approaching the Peak Selling Season
5. Low Interest Rates

Which Is Better – the Stock Market or Marin Real Estate?

Where is a better place to put your money? Depends of the time frame of course, but long term…

The DOW has grown 20 times since 1965. The Average Price in Marin has grown 42 times since 1965!

stock market vs marin real estate

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The Marin Modern Team

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