17 Redwood Road in Fairfax - Sold


The joy of being a realtor is when your experience, knowledge of the market and relationships enables you to be a matchmaker for a unique property in search of a very specific buyer.  That's what happened with 17 Redwood Road in Fairfax.

Sweeping views of Ross Valley compliment this magical and private 2 bedroom/1 bath hillside retreat in Fairfax.  What started out as a summer cottage in 1922 evolved over the years adding a little bit of serendipity and quirkiness with each owner.  When my client, the seller, called to say she had taken a new job and wanted to sell, I had just started working with the perfect buyers in search of a peaceful and private lifestyle in the Fairfax hills. They were invited to the Redwood Road Annual Block party before they had officially closed on 17 Redwood and liked the welcoming and tight-knit hillside community.

Luck and timing played a big role in having all of the stars align for the buyer and seller but so did seizing the opportunity to be a matchmaker. 

17 Redwood Sold for $567,600

If you would like to put my matchmaking skills to work for you, call, text or email me!

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