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10 Fun Facts about Peacock Gap

When my husband and I first married we lived in Sausalito and LOVED IT!  We loved walking to town, taking the ferry into San Francisco and riding our bikes to the wonderful Art Festival.

When we had our child it was time to move to a more family oriented part of Marin.  We settled in San Rafael's charming downtown neighborhood, Gerstle Park, where we lived very happily for 10 years.  When we outgrew that home, we never thought we would end up in Peacock Gap.  I remember, even as a Realtor, hyper-ventilating every time I would drive further east than Trader Joe's-- having always been a walk-to-town kind of girl...


All of that changed when we just happened to find the perfect house, and it was in Peacock Gap. Now, I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  The brief four-mile drive from the freeway is uncongested and simply beautiful.  I love driving past the marinas, and most of all, when the development gives way and the shoreline to the bay opens up and I can see the Richmond Bridge and beyond to the city.  I enjoy the water birds, the kite surfers and the occasional waves bursting over the breakwater during more severe weather.


I love hiking in China Camp, strolling down to the Range Café for wine with our neighborhood friends, taking the dog to the park for dog parties, the silence at night, the deer, the coyotes, the hawks and now, the owl that has moved into the owl house in our oak tree.


Here are ten fun facts about Peacock Gap.

1) As many as 1500 Miwoks lived in this area for thousands of years, gathering acorns

and digging for clams. There is a shellmound on the golf course.

2) The Chinese who fished China Camp originally worked building the railroads. They

also began the brick industry in this area, using the clay soil.

3) John McNear and his son built San Pedro Road using rock and gravel from the McNear quarry to fill the low spots.

4) Peacock Gap is the remainder of what was once a grand scheme to to build a much

larger development called "Marin Bay".

5) Peacocks and peahens were introduced in the beginning of the development, but their

waste and shrill calls ended that charming idea.

6) In 1965 you could buy a four bedroom home on Riviera Drive for $55,000. These homes now commonly sell for $1.2 million and up.

7) The golf course once hosted the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope Celebrity Golf Tournament.

8) Parts of the John Wayne movie, Blood Alley, were filmed in the land around the Gap.

9) The HOA once purchased two swans, hoping they would breed in the lagoon.

10) There is a growing kite-surfing scene at the base of Riviera Drive.

To read more about our gorgeous neighborhood, visit the neighborhood website at http://

I am an expert on this neighborhood.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or write!    Muriel Ballard

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