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David Shapiro
Broker Associate (DRE 00609694)
David Shapiro
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DRE: 00609694

I have been a Marin County Realtor for over 35 years and have “seen it all”. I have sold homes throughout the County but my main area of expertise is in San Rafael, especially Terra Linda and Lucas Valley. My primary guiding principle is to do the very best for my client and put my client’s interests above all others including my own. It has proven to be a very successful principle.

My focus on the North San Rafael area for all these years has allowed me to become a known expert here. I know what the appeal is for these homes and this area and use this knowledge to deliver premium service to my clients. I live in Terra Linda in an Eichler home with my lovely lady and our 3 dogs. I feel very connected to this community.

Q&A with David Shapiro, Marin County Realtor

How long have you called Marin County home?

I have been living in Marin County for the last 39 years, mostly in Terra Linda. It has come a long way, baby!

How long have you been a Realtor in Marin County and what (real estate related) accomplishments are you most proud of?

I have been a Realtor in Marin for 38 years. I try to “do the right thing”, believe in “what goes around” and try to live life and do business accordingly. I’m proud of the reputation that I have here.

Sell us.  Why Marin County?

It’s not hard to sell Marin County. There are so many great reasons to want to live here- the natural beauty, the amount of Open Space that won’t be developed, the weather, the schools, proximity to San Francisco…… There is not enough room here to list all the amenities we have in our beautiful County.

Give it up.  Where is your favorite secret (or not so secret) destination in Marin County?

One of my most favorite spots in Marin county is called Hawk Hill. From the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge you drive about a mile up the road and park by an old tunnel. Thru the tunnel and up some steps lies Hawk Hill. In the latter months of the year an organized Raptor Watch is happening the number of hawks and eagles. Looking south is one of the most spectacular views of San Francisco and the Bay one will ever see.

Complete this sentence: In my free time....

In my free time I hike in the Open Space hills near my home. I always carrying my binoculars and am always accompanied by my Golden Retriever, Maxwell. The binoculars are for wildlife watching, especially hawks and falcons.
I enjoy playing guitar and supposedly have a feeling for blues music.

Meet David Shapiro, Marin County Realtor

Recent Client Testimonials for David Shapiro

I would recommend him to anyone considering selling their home.

David Shapiro has an extraordinary personal touch with sellers (he sold my house)...he takes time to get to know you personally, he has incredible skills in dealing with owners in helping them prepare their home, in checking the local market for readiness, in dealing with other realtors, and just managing the overall process of selling your home. He was very attentive to all details and is truly an expert in the Terra Linda market especially. He knows the various types of homes, how they have been maintained for re-sale and what needs attention before putting on market. He provided some excellent resources to help me prepare my home and I was so pleased with the overall result. He was just a great person to work with....I would recommend him to anyone considering selling their home. I also have to say that besides his real estate professionalism I felt he had my best interest in mind and heart the whole way.

Got the best price and the fastest close with David.

Very good broker with special expertise in Eichlers. Able to work with diverse family members and keep everything in control. Appeared daily at the house until we were ready to sell and checked in regularly from his vacation! Got the best price and the fastest close with David.

Contact David

Contact David Shapiro, Broker Associate at Marin Modern Real Estate, at 415-713-7809 for your Marin County real estate needs.

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