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Janis Peterson
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Janis Peterson
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When I started my first professional job at 27 working for Shell Oil, I became friends with a colleague who encouraged me to buy rather than rent. For a girl from Idaho, that was a big leap and not really on my radar screen.  My first home was a condo. Although I didn’t get rich, I got a foothold in the California real estate market, built equity, took advantage of the mortgage interest tax deduction, saved money by paying down my mortgage and eventually bought a single family home. I have a strong appreciation for the value home ownership offers for building wealth, creating community and providing stability for families.

Marin is an expensive place to live. I tell buyers who are just starting out that you have to jump in and start swimming if you want to get a foothold in the Marin real estate market. Once you’re a homeowner and in the market, it becomes much easier to move around whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or rightsizing. Buy what you can afford now even if it’s not your dream home. Over time you’ll build equity through appreciation, paying down your mortgage and saving on taxes.  Years down the road you’ll look back and be glad you did.

Q&A with Janis Peterson, Marin County Realtor

How long have you called Marin County home?

I’ve been lucky enough to call Marin home ever since I was transferred to the Bay Area with my job in 1984.

How long have you been a Realtor in Marin County and what (real estate related) accomplishments are you most proud of?

Although I got my real estate license in 1989, it wasn’t until 2002 that I launched my full-time real estate career.  I was enjoying my job at that time and wasn’t in a rush to make a change.  When my in-laws decided to move to a retirement community, they asked me to sell their San Anselmo home where they had lived for 40+ years.  They wanted someone they could trust and who would guide them patiently through what was a very emotional process.

I’m proud to say that the experience reinforced the strength I bring to my real estate career and to my clients. I see myself as an advisor and consultant; listening, asking questions, problem solving, providing support and resources, always putting my client first and not being afraid to roll up my sleeves and jump in wherever needed. Buying or selling a home is an emotional and personal experience, whatever the circumstances. It is rewarding to know that my knowledge and experience can have a positive impact on so many people in what, for most, is a life changing event.

Sell us. Why Marin County?

The weather, the lifestyle, the beauty and the fact that you can walk out your door without getting in the car and find a hiking or biking trail nearby.

Give it up. Where is your favorite secret (or not so secret) destination in Marin County?

Sitting on my deck at the end of the day with a glass of wine enjoying the view and the  sounds of downtown San Rafael from my wooded perch up on the hill above town.

Complete this sentence: In my free time....

Candidly, I like to work.  Maybe not just at real estate, but in my garden, on home projects, neighborhood beautification projects, etc.  As my husband likes to say, I’m not a very good relaxer!  When I do relax, it’s the simple pleasures I enjoy.  A Sunday morning hike with friends and breakfast at the Two Bird Café in Woodacre, a mountain bike from my house to Phoenix Lake and the bike trails, or walking to downtown San Rafael with our neighbors for a movie and dinner at one of the many different restaurants.

Meet Janis Peterson, Marin County Realtor

Recent Client Testimonials for Janis Peterson

Relocating Made Easy

When my partner and I were told we were relocating to Marin for work (from Texas), we were at first very excited and then intimidated with the real estate market there.  I reached out to Marin Modern and immediately heard back from Janis Peterson.  Janis has lived in Marin for many years and has to be the utmost authority on ALL THINGS Marin.  She gave us honest advice and feedback and we were not easy to please.  She exhausted every resource and left no stone unturned during the research phase.

What wowed us the most and is the reason I felt compelled to write a review is that Janis became an invaluable partner/asset after we bought the house.  She connected with local officials for permits/approvals and went WAAAAY above and beyond to ensure we had everything taken care of in our new home.  She even met wood floor refinishers at the home to get quotes while we were still in Texas!!!!  She has stayed in communication and we not only see her as a future business partner, but as a friend.  You can't ask for much more then that.  Truly an amazing experience.

Respected Professional

My wife and I just had another positive experience with Janis on the sale of our San Rafael home and purchase of our downtown Petaluma condo. We have been working with Janis for over 8 years and this was our 5th transaction with her. Janis is professional, thorough, reliable and most importantly able to manage our expectations in a competitive real estate market. Selling and buying a home is an emotional experience and you need a level headed and respected professional to guide you through the process. Janis has proven to be that realtor.

Finding our dream home.

Janis helped us buy the house of our dreams! My husband and I started out with different ideas about what kind of a house we wanted and she helped us come together on our wants and needs to find a house that exceeded both of our expectations. Janis was persistent with extremely difficult sellers, she was available to assist us/answer our questions at every turn, she educated us about our financing options and helped us find a beautiful home that fit into our budget.

Personal Touch.

What stands out most about Janis is how she took the time to get to know me so she could help me determine the best choice to fit my lifestyle. Her support extended beyond the close by helping to advise me on "move in" details, even dropping by to water my yard.  Her personal approach was extremely helpful to me. Janis is a go-getter and I could rest easy knowing that whatever it was, she was "on it." I can't thank her enough for helping me realize my dream.

Pushing but Not Pressuring

Janis is both a great person and a great real estate agent. She has excellent communication skills both verbal and written. These skills are extremely valuable when working with other agents, sellers, contractors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, etc. She's always able to find the balance between pushing to get things done without pushing over the edge. She has a great network of people throughout Marin. When working with Janis you'll have a pleasant real estate transaction from start to finish. I highly recommend her.

Smart & Effective

We just downsized to the perfect place with the wonderful help of Janis Peterson. She sold our house in San Rafael and found the ideal condo for us so that we could stay in our home town of San Rafael.

This all came about by the professional and caring work of Janis. If you are looking for a smart, efficient, effective real estate agent whom you can trust to place a priority on your wishes, and always has your best interest at heart, Janis is that person.

Managing Expectations

I had worked with another realtor for several months, but I was increasingly being shown properties in poor condition, inappropriate for my needs and/or beyond my means.

I was referred to Janis by my mother. Janis was great in setting expectations. She made it clear that short sales/foreclosures could be a nightmare (but made many calls on one such property I was interested in anyway). She also was very clued into new listings. When I went on my own to open houses, the listing agents had always heard of Janis and had positive things to say. I appreciated her energy, willingness to wade into issues and overall good sense of humor. I really enjoyed working with Janis and would definitely "hire' her again!

Exemplary Experience

I had an exemplary experience with Marin Modern due to my realtor, Janis Peterson. I cannot say enough for her professionalism, intelligence, knowledge of the market, and the personal care she showed me through all parts of the real estate process. From finding the home with all of the necessities on my list, to writing the offer and negotiating throughout escrow and closing, she represented my interests and made the process as easy as it might be. She also knew and recommended a highly qualified mortgage broker. The advice she gave me was invaluable. Janis made both selling of my old home and buying a new one in a very competitive market as smooth as anyone could wish.

Exceeded Our Expectations

Janis is a no-nonsense, results oriented realtor. Working in a time crunch she delivered a property that exceeded our expectations while meeting our timeline. If you are buying or selling a home in Marin, I highly recommend her.

Contact Janis Peterson

Contact Janis Peterson, Realtor with Marin Modern Real Estate, at 415-271-3109 for your Marin County real estate needs.

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