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Kiri Fisher
Listing Coordinator
Kiri Fisher
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Looking at, investing in, and renovating real estate was once my number one hobby, and now I work for the number one Realtor in San Rafael! I came to Bay Area Modern (BAM) after two careers: one in publishing and another in food. In the aughts I started my own (award-winning!) magazine about San Francisco called TODO Monthly. The following decade I traded publishing for The Cheese School of San Francisco, which I built into an internationally recognized gourmet food institution. I have always taken the path less traveled in my life and career, and I have been rewarded with work that has never given me a case of the Monday blues. BAM is no exception: Here I get to put my love of design and hospitality to use in service of the community I so value.

I enjoy working closely with people in order to get to the heart of what they want for their lives. The challenge for all of us, I think, is to find those special places where we can live our most interesting and nourishing life. The Bay Area, despite its challenges, is a place that, perhaps more than any other, nourishes and surprises. It has been my home and sanctuary for most of my existence. Marin is particularly special. My now-husband and I first lived together in a Sausalito houseboat. There, on the water, we met salty dogs, champion robot builders, and the royal family of hip-hop. I fell in love! With the waterfront, my man, and Marin. With the birth of our daughter, we’ve become land-lubbers again, moving to the delightful mid-century enclave of Terra Linda in San Rafael where the air is always fresh and the hills, with their sirens’ call, invite me to climb them at least a few times a week. There is truly no place I’d rather be.

Q&A with Kiri Fisher

How long have you called the Bay Area home?

Since the age of eight! My family moved from Toronto, Ontario to Orinda, California. I’ll admit I felt a little bamboozled finding myself in the foothills. When I still lived in Canada, I had the impression that every house in California was next to the beach.

Sell us.  Why Marin County?

Because the postcards don’t lie! It really is a breathtaking place to be. Add in a world-class cuisine scene, a Mediterranean climate, and the exciting feeling that you’re living just a little bit closer to the future than the rest of the planet.That combination can’t be beat. 

Give it up.  Where is your favorite secret (or not so secret) destination in Marin County?

Mt. Tam’s West Point Loop on the day after Thanksgiving. No one is there, the sun is shining, you’ve got some pie to walk off -- It’s heaven. A close second is an oyster-filled lunch over the Bay at The Marshall Store, before checking into a waterfront cabin at Nick’s Cove. There, I told you! 

Complete this sentence: In my free time....

I’m cooking, hiking, or skiing with family and friends. Occasionally there’s a cocktail involved.  

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