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Annalise Demuth
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Annalise Demuth
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I love my work. Assisting clients navigate the their real estate goals is the best job satisfaction there is. Satisfying to me is working toward a better quality of life through the Real Estate transaction process. Buying and selling homes is hard and there’s a lot on the line, so I strive to make it a no stress, educational process. Our real estate markets in the Bay Area are competitive and complex. I’m an educator, defender and negotiator, always with my clients best interests in mind.

Q&A with Annalise Demuth, Bay Area Realtor 

How long have you called the San Francisco Bay Area home?

I’m a native San Franciscan.  I spent my formative years in SF wandering the streets of what is now The Castro.  Eventually my family moved to San Rafael and then I flew the coup to the East Bay.  Back to Marin so my son could go to school there and now I’m living in the Wine Country.  

How long have you been a Realtor and what (real estate related) accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’ve been a Realtor since 2003.  My accomplishments are hard to talk about but I’ll give it a shot.  I raised my son on my own, he is now 20.  I’ve bought and sold 3 of my own homes with my own money.  I was a hairdresser for 8 years.  I graduated from college with a degree in Vocal Performance.  I think outside the box and am never afraid of a new challenge.  I don’t give up.  3 years ago I stopped my clothes shopping habit and started to sew my own clothes.  

Sell us.  Why the San Francisco Bay Area?

Oh the Bay Area is nothing to scoff at.  There is so much to do at your fingertips.  Hiking, oceans, bridges, snow, food, sailing, you name it we’ve got it.  The Wine Country if really the cream of the Bay Area if you like a slower, gentler, country lifestyle, my specialty.

Give it up.  Where is your favorite secret (or not so secret) destination in the Bay Area?

I have to say that after traveling a small amount of the world I’m content to be nearest to Marin and Sonoma County.  My favorite Sonoma County destination is ‘West SoCo’ as us locals call it.  The weather is cooler, the nature abundant, the ocean spitting distance and the food is Michelin star rated.  Sonoma County also has an abundance of Regional Parks, whether a hike at the ocean, next to Russian River or a vineyard view hike, we have it all here. My favorite Marin County destination is my Mom’s house.

Complete this sentence: In my free time....

In my free time I wander the roads of West SoCo, walk on the Joe Radota Trail, drink at the Barlow, garden my yard, ride my bike and mostly try to master sewing my own clothes. 

Meet Annalise Demuth, Bay Area Realtor

Recent Client Testimonials for Lise Demuth

4 Times Is The Charm!

Annalise has been great to work with. This was the fourth transaction we have been a part of with Annalise's guidance. We bought our first home with her help, sold a family property and the most recent transaction selling our first home and moving into our current one. She has been our advocate and extremely helpful in navigating multiple processes at once. Thank you Annalise! Now, about that retirement property in the country..... :-)

A tricky purchase.

The home I just purchased was the first. I was unaware of what to expect in this process. Annalise was incredibly helpful explaining everything that needed to take place in making the purchase happen and the home buying experience easer. she was straightforward and to the point on what she had to say and that is something I appreciate. There were a lot of things I wanted in a house and my standards were a little over the top for my budget. I got most of everything I wanted in my new home at a very good price. Annalise definitely made my home buying experience better. I Have her to thank for this and highly recommend for to anyone else.

Knowledge and Experience on our side..

Not our first house buying experience but definitely the best. We looked for 2 years and Annalise stuck with us, helping us find just the right house. She really worked to discover what we wanted and needed in a house. I couldn't be happier with the result. It was terrific having someone with her knowledge and experience "on our side". I would recommend her to anyone.

She goes the extra mile.

If you are looking for a professional who will truly go the extra mile to get you the property that you want Annalise is the realtor for you. We purchased both our starter home and our forever home through Annalise and both times she got us great results and worked with our specific needs and issues. We were looking for a very specific type of property and had a specific budget in mind and despite it being a crazy seller's market Annalise was able to put together a deal for us to get our dream home!

Contact Annalise

Contact Lise Demuth, Realtor at Bay Area Modern Real Estate, at 707-800-2225 for your Bay Area real estate needs.

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