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Nicole Gruen

Born and raised in Germany, I moved to the bay area 20 years ago. After living in San Jose and San Francisco, I now live in Emeryville. I love living in the east bay with its diversity of people, neighborhoods and architecture.

I hold a degree in Computer Science and implemented IT projects in over 10 countries. I have also worked with hundreds of expats over the years as an intercultural coach helping them transition to life in the US. I’ve owned and managed real estate in Germany for 15 years.

My real estate skills paired with my project management experience and people skills make me a strong partner. I am organized, reliable and a direct communicator. I enjoy all the steps of the process: getting to know you and your needs, finding the right property for you and submitting the ideal offer.

I understand that buying and selling real estate can be a daunting endeavor and I am committed to making the process enjoyable and easy for you.

Further Proof It's NOT 2008 All Over Again

Home sales numbers are leveling off, the rate of price appreciation has slowed to more historically normal averages, and inventory is finally increasing. We are headed into a more normal housing market. However, some are seeing these adjustments as ...

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